Welcome to the Blackfern Society

Blackfern is the brainchild of a group of like-minded individuals who recognise a need within the automotive market. The need is simple: to assist independent workshops within New Zealand with collective solutions for marketing, access to technology and business facilitation; as well as addressing future challenges in an ever changing consumer landscape.

Blackfern's foundation members are collectively highly experience in all things motor trade, with a sound knowledge in IT systems along with a host of other skills. Most importantly, Blackfern is co-operatively minded and operates under the seven international principles of cooperation.

"We exist, within New Zealand,
to support the future sustainability
of the independent motor industry workshop."

Terms and Conditions.
By using our services, you are accepting our terms and conditions. If required a replacement copy of these terms can be requested by email from admin@blackfern.coop. All costs incurred in the recovery of overdue funds, including but not limited to debt recovery collection costs up to 40.35%, late payment penalties and legal fees may also be added to the balance of your account.