Blackfern Rewards

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Do my points expire?

No, your Blackfern Rewards points will never expire.

What can I spend my points on?

You can use your Blackfern Rewards points to purchase vouchers, products, and services from our carefully selected partners. You can also use your points to pay supplier invoices.

How can I see how many Blackfern Rewards points I have?

To find out how many points you currently have, sign in to your Blackfern account and your current total will be displayed.

How many points will I get for my purchases?

This depends on the value of your purchase and if you are buying from a supplier that is currently running a promotion.

What are Blackfern Reward points and how do I get them?

Blackfern Reward points are our way of rewarding you for being a loyal Blackfern member and making purchases from our suppliers. Every time you make a purchase from a Blackfern supplier we will automatically credit your account with reward points.

Who is eligible for Blackfern Rewards?

If you are a Blackfern member and make purchases from Blackfern suppliers then you are eligible for Blackfern Rewards.